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SONSON® perpetuates the importance of fatherhood, family, and traditions with our mantra: “one son to another™.” Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for conversations through fashion, further connecting and building relationships. We are doing this by:

  1. Partnering with non-profits to provide bow ties to young men, through our "Zero Waste" Program
  2. Donating 15% of select item sales to empower young men

Through our “Zero Waste” program (established in 2015), we use fabric from previous collections to create bow ties for young boys ages 3-8. A zero waste event works to reduce and recycle as much as possible with the goal to achieve as much waste diversion from the landfill as possible.  Through this interest and commitment we have also partnered with All Tied Up” a local nonprofit catered to empowering young men. This non-profit provides educational and professional services—most importantly accepting donations of traditional neck ties to provide to young men ages 13-21.The goal is to create a culture of sustainability and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

On August 11th, at the Oakland Museum of California, we are providing over 100 bow ties to kids ages 3-8 to wear for the first day of school. Each bow tie will have a Velcro closure in accordance with CPSC regulations (safety feature for kids). Items will be given to parents who RSVP for their kids bow tie via Eventbrite. In conjunction, our community partner “All Tied Up” will be accepting donations of neck ties to support their efforts.

Empowering young men from ““one son to another™”  is a call to action that we all should support. SONSON® donates 15% of select item sales to perpetuate such community efforts with non-profits. From “one son to another™” we welcome partnerships with local entities to ensure that we are doing our part to be socially responsible and provide basic educational and professional aid to tomorrow’s leaders--TODAY!

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