Bombshell Cowrie Bow Tie

$ 95.00
Bombshell Cowrie Bow Tie - SONSON
Hand sewn Cowrie shells on a African wax fabric. Inspired by the African culture and the use of cowrie shells as currency.  The use of shells in trade began as direct commodity exchange, the shells having value as body ornamentation.

Cowrie shell money was important at one time or another in the trade networks of Africa, South Asia, and East AsiaIn western Africa, shell money was usual legal tender up until the mid 19th century.

As this tie is handcrafted, each tie will be unique in fabric print and cowrie shell placement. 

Fabric + Care:

  • Cowrie shells/ African Wax cotton
  • Dry clean
  • Made with love
  • Made in Oakland, CA


  • Adjustable strap with clasp
  • Bow tie is 4.75 inches wide
  • Neck size 15-18 inches

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