Navy Floral Fashionable Face Cover with Droplet & Anti-Viral protection

$ 5 $ 21

3 layered woven cotton face cover with anti-bacterial and anti-viral finishing--VirusStop’ technology.  The "VirusStop" technology protects the product, not the person. It is an active technology based on a silver salt, a highly effective, naturally occurring anti-viral agent. It reduces viral presence on any material. It is not intended to prevent disease; it is used for the protection of the treated product.

Cloth masks are useful because they keep your hands from touching your nose and mouth (especially out in public where you don’t know if surfaces are clean). They also can contain sneezes and coughs, protecting those around you who may have vulnerable immune systems.

Fabric + Care:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Elastic 
  • Hand wash or delicate wash, lay flat to dry
  • Sustainable, even after several washes
  • Imported


  • Adult (Average Adult Size)
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Fitted chin design
  • Adjustable ear loops

Disclaimer: This face cover is not meant to replace N95 or surgical face masks.

PLEASE NOTE- Due to the personal nature of this product, returns or exchanges cannot be accepted. Also, please wash the product prior to wearing it.

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