Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Women-Owned Businesses!

Shopping for a gift for the special woman in your life? Well you are not alone. Everyday is a day to tell her how much you care and love her. Whether you are in the same city or a different continent, we curated a list of 8 Bay Area Women-Owned  brands who provide a sense of family and community when you shop with them. Don't just give her a gift, give her the gift of experience. From Art to Home Decor,these brands definitely know how to make a lady feel special.


Project Get Free

Project Get Free: A visionary project and art movement founded by Tiffany Conway which highlights the journey of restoration, finding ones voice and purpose. The textures found in her pieces represent the skin and the scars of life, coupling color as language. Her work displays the beauty of others intertwined with layers of her personal story of evolution. Her mission is to heal women through her paintings by displaying them as seen, heard, soft and resilient.


Urembo Asili

Urembo Asili : The name of the brand is Kiswahili for Natural Beauty! It is a luxury African-inspired skincare that harnesses a bespoke blend of science & Africa's most potent ingredients to create plant-based products for your daily use. Founder, Evie Dondi is continuously evolving and looking to nature & her roots as inspiration to continue crafting effective natural products that inspire women to take control of their skincare. 


Bundts & Crumpets

Bundt’s and Crumpets Tea : If you are a tea fan like us, then you will love this family owned and operated mobile loose leaf tea boutique, specializing in premium loose-leaf tea and tea ware. Talk about “Zen” in a cup, this California based tea company has one of the best assortment of quality tea.


Taylor Jay

Taylor Jay: This Oakland, CA namesake brand designs beautiful sustainable clothing that lasts a lifetime and makes every woman feel and look amazing. Focused on elevated comfort, this brand is highly sought after by professional women looking for their “go-to” piece. Not to mention all of their products are designed and manufactured in the city of Oakland.


Ade Dream

Ade Dream: Inspired by African Heritage, Ade Dream offers a line of unique and vibrant tote bags, bib necklaces, adult backpacks, and children’s backpacks. Their authentic African fabrics are handpicked and hand made by one of Gambia's finest tailors. If you want to stand out, having tailor made items is the way to go!!!

Candid Art

Candid Art: Founded by Candice Cox, Candid Art is a home décor, jewelry and kids lifestyle brand influenced by the modern African Diaspora and cosmic geometry. The brand promotes self-expression, individuality, and sustainability through their custom abstract designs and ethically sourced materials. If you are looking to support a company that creates products for mom and the home, then Candid Art is for you!

Hey Scotch Bonnet

Scotch bonnet: Talk about wearing “haute” accessories. Named after the distinctively potent Caribbean pepper, Scotch bonnet!  accessories are known for vibrant hues, bold shapes and eye-catching patterns. The brand’s founder, Tracey-Renee Hubbard, is equally influenced by the flashiness of 90’s hip hop culture and the understated simplicity of modern luxury labels. She also has a special place in her heart for Caribbean culture and a deep respect for artisan crafts, particularly those created throughout the African Diaspora. Scotch bonnet! accessories are infused with all these elements to spice up any outfit with a potent pop of color.



SONSON®: A private label brand and the first sustainable bow tie brand originally dedicated to fathers and sons. The namesake of the brand coupled with the mantra--"one son to another"--echoes the importance of relationships and focuses on--Family, Fashion, and Tradition. Whether it's the preservation of culture, restoration of heritage, or the redefining of a classic style, SONSON offers a range of accessories and home goods influenced by Caribbean/African colors, prints and silhouettes perfect for striking a conversation.

The special woman in your life will appreciate the fact you were thoughtful in supporting a woman owned business as well as purchasing something she would love. Start a tradition today, with gifting her items from women owned businesses!


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