It's a Woman's World: “Bad. Bougie. Boss.”

Bad. Bougie. Boss

Sonson Launches Latest Black History Bow Tie Collection: "Black and Dapper"

Tan Lamb Leather Bow Tie--BLACK AND DAPPER

Valentine's Day: What should I purchase?

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Valentines Day Gift

New Year, New You!

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It’s time to seriously plan out those new year resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that they often fail. Sad to say, but this is true! In order to ensure we succeed in our goals we must set reasonable and realistic goals! Outsmarting the odds means setting doable goals (go from couch to 5K, not a triathlon), then breaking them down into reasonable steps. A new you in the new year starts right here.To help you achieve realistic goals, we have provided you with top 4 goals to focus on in 2017. 1. Get Fit and HealthyWorking out and eating...

Oakland Queer Fashion Week & Conference

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This past week, SONSON, had the opportunity to showcase our luxury bow ties at Queer Fashion Week & Conference (QFW)—which was a 5 day event. The event was a perfect marrying of the diversity of fashion—from the blend of people that were involved to the avant-garde unisex fashion! The event was more than just about Queer Fashion or championing LGBT,  but it was about education and the community. Amongst it all, there were still questions on “What is does queer mean”, “What is Queer Fashion” and “How does one respond or support?” Clearly the “Q” word has been used disparagingly...