Who We Are

SONSON® is a private label brand and the first sustainable bow tie brand originally dedicated to fathers and sons. In 2014 the brand was created as an accessory brand specializing in bow ties as a gifting destination.

As the oldest 9 siblings (7 of which are male) the founder found it difficult to find her brothers the perfect gift for first-time dads expecting a son. With the lack of gifting options for men, she was inspired to create her namesake brand and to support this customer base. Gifting someone a product that infuses modern style and culture is one of the most unique and personal gestures—it builds a relationship and creates memories!

We believe the relationship between a father and son are equally as important as the relationship of mothers and daughters. The namesake of the brand coupled with the mantra--"one son to another"--echoes the importance of relationships. Despite any distance or location in this world of your family members, there are a few things that remain true; Family, Fashion and Traditions!

The goal is to provide our customers with the best experience and timeless versatility. Whether it's the preservation of culture, restoration of heritage, or the redefining of a classic style. I believe fashion is an expressive storyteller, fit for building relationships!