SONSON® Black and Dapper Collection

SONSON® is the first bow tie brand dedicated to fathers and sons. As a family owned business, our mission is to build relationships from "one son to another™." 

Inspired by the lack of fashionable and timeless gift selections geared towards father's and son's, we exist to attract professional and fashion forward customers seeking to connect and serve as a catalyst for conversations.

Every individual needs a statement item that tells a story—a story with a connection from ones son, father, brother, uncle, partner or significant other. So with that premise in mind, we created our name, we designed and trademarked our logo and started handcrafting ties made of leather, silk, cotton and some with a bit of bling and charm! We produce up to 60 units of one style, making it a more exclusive product and providing memories that can be passed from "one son to another™."

In pursuit of our mission, SONSON® perpetuates the importance of fatherhood, family, and traditions with the mantra: “one son to another™.”

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Feel free to connect with us via social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) @1son2another.

From “one son to another™"