Prom 101: Male Preparation Tips

Ah, prom season-the most talked about event for many high school students. For most students this is the time when they get to make a grande entrance at a function that is all about them-after all, the prom is about setting a high fashion standard among one's peers and a standard that is social media worthy. With May being the peak month for prom-season, we listed the top preparation tips for dapper teens gearing up for prom.

The Look: Cultural vs Classic Look

The black tie affair is popular in the U.S. for proms, but who said one has to stick with the norm. You can sport your Royal African attire or our Great Gatsby tux you have been anticipating to wear. Whether you are going for a cultural look or a classy look, this is your time to be authentically dapper in your own way–so enjoy it!

Prom Attire

Accessories: It’s all about the details

So what accessories are you pairing with your prom outfit? Flashy does not always equal classy, but subtle yet complimentary pieces are most fitting.  From watches, bow ties, cuff links and even your shoes—accessories make the outfit, so please pay attention to the details!

Prom Details

Grooming: Got Beard Game?

If you have never treated yourself to a mani-pedi or a facial, then this is the time to do so. Your pre prom ritual should involve a straight razor shave, beard trimming and a haircut at a barber shop. Whether you are rocking a low cut or a locked hairdo catering to your appearance will make you feel better and look better.

No Cheap Cologne

Smelling good is merely part of a good hygiene practice. The sense of smell (a good smell) is the most powerful of the five senses. If getting the attention of someone special is on your agenda then please take note. You don’t have to go for the most expensive cologne, but make sure it is within your budget and does not have an over powering fragrance. Keep it subtle and it’ll be noticed for the right reasons.

Dinner Reservations

If you are considering dinner, then you can do this pre or post prom. Select a place that has a great ambiance with an upscale vibe within your budget. Make your dinner reservations early, at least a month or three weeks in advance—good locations and reservations fill up fast for prom season. Get there at least 10 minutes early to park and to ensure you will be seated. Since you will be dressed up, please remember your basic table manners. Also, don’t forget about the tip. 15% is customary but if that is not within your budget, provide a tip that is the same as the amount taxed on your bill.

Chivalry: It’s not dead

Your role as a gentleman is to always make a good impression. Whether you have a date or not, you never know who is watching (could be a potential date!!) Don’t skip out on getting flowers for boutonniere, corsage, or wristlet. These are staple items for a prom date and are one of the first steps to making a good impression for prom.

Mind your manners and open doors for your date—from the door of their home, to the car, to the restaurant and to prom. Allow your date time to get in the car before you close the door. Some may just open the door and walk away but you always have to finish what you started. If it starts to rain and you don’t have an umbrella then volunteer your own coat as a rain shield. Oh, and please stay curbside—don’t have your date walk with you to the car, you bring the car to your date.

Compliment your date on their attire and overall look, something like “You look absolutely stunning!” Put your phone on silent or turn it off – nothing say’s “I’m not interested” to a date more than a man texting or taking calls while they are together. All of these are easy chivalrous gestures and still worth your effort – trust us, your date will notice.

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