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A business is not a business without its customers! SONSON® has been in business for the past 5 years. The founder and owner, Rashima Sonson created a company that she is passionate about and wanted her customers to feel the passion through the products and the company’s mission— serving as a catalyst for conversations through fashion. In pursuit of this mission, SONSON® supports and partners with organizations geared towards family, education, and young men which are in line with their mantra; One son to another™. Collections are re-imagined to appeal to customers who value family, fashion and tradition.

On Small Business Saturday (2019), we reached out to customers who have  accounts with us to tell them “thank you” for being loyal customers over the years. Within this heartfelt message, we also asked them “Why SONSON® (in so many words)” and here are just some comments from a few customers:

What do you like about the brand and why? 

“Having three sons of our own, who love wearing bow ties, the SONSON® brand provides a unique variety of bow ties of high quality materials.  They offer a variety of colors, patterns, and prints which allows my SONshines to mix it up with different wardrobes easily. We also love supporting small businesses!” said customer, Jamailah Lowe

“What does SONSON® mean to you?

SONSON®  has become a staple of my husband's wardrobe - he loves each and every tie and pin! They will hold memories handed down to our son. Seeing his dad wear these pieces during times of celebration, times of sadness, and at church on Sunday will always remain in his heart and his mind as he grows up and wears the same pins and ties that will be handed down to him. Literally from one son to another and on and on! I hope my son will hand down the bow tie he wore to his first communion to his son and be able to share the memories and stories of wearing it!” said customer Kristen Gradney RD

 Gradney's Father and Son photo wearing  SONSON Bow Tie

What do you like about the brand and why? 

"I love the craftsmanship and the attentiveness. The attention to details are impeccable" said customer Marc Blaize 

This article is not intended to sway you into purchasing our bow ties or our accessories. This article is intended to share why you should shop with brands that share your values and interests. The customers that were quoted in this article are just a few who have shared why the shop with us. Whether it was finding a perfect gift for a special celebration, sentimental reasons, supporting a small business, or because they just give back to the community. The next time you decide to make a purchase, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How many times have you voted with your wallet, by saying YES to a brand that shares your same values and/or interest?
  2. Do you know the brand you’re giving your hard-earned money to or the story of the founder?
  3. Do you prefer to support brands with a social responsibility footprint (i.e. sustainable goods)?

When you take the time to learn more about the brand behind the product, you learn about the heart and who they are! Would you rather purchase from a big corporation or from a small business owner/ family business? The smaller the business, the more personal touch you receive from the service and product! All this means is that there is love and passion embedded in what you purchased!

Once you connect with a brand, you’ll more than likely feel better about your purchases knowing that your dollar invested in business' whose values are aligned with yours. In addition, your recycled dollars with the brand strengthens communities and allows us to continue supporting families, creating traditions, and helping our customers make a fashionable statement. Not to mention you are helping to support someone’s dreams—like our founder.

As we’re approaching a new year/decade, think about this resolution, “shop with brands whose mission you can stand behind!”

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