Valentine's Day: What should I purchase?

Dapper Valentine-SONSON


Are looking for a Valentines Day Gift which reflects  the current stage of your relationship?  Here are a few top picks for that special person.

Dating: During the dating phase, you still have to make the experience fun and exciting for that special someone without going overboard on the gift. A freestyle bow tie would be the perfect gift for someone you are dating. Not just any bow tie, but a bow tie that is handcrafted with love and packaged in a pillow box.  This red/gold dot print style tie can serve as an unspoken request for another date!

Red and Gold Dots


It’s getting serious!!: If you have made it past the dating phase and now have your own section to store your belongings, then the relationship is getting serious.  At this point, you are attending after five events as a couple as well as other parties. Now it’s time to step up the gifting.  This burgundy leather/wool pre-tied tie makes the wearer feel rich and sexy. One can dress up or dress down (day or evening).

Burgundy Wool and Leather Bow Tie

Married/Unity:  It’s no secret that once you have found and married the right person, one must continue to work on the marriage to ensure that it is healthy and lasts. Whether it’s the first year or the tenth year, the black leather/suede onyx pre-tied bow tie is the ultimate gift for your significant other--perfect for galas and social events. Gemologists recommend Onyx as a protective measure for harmonious relationships, thus keeping away any probability of disturbances or differences between the couple.

 Black Leather and Onyx Bow Tie

Father  & Son Tie: Everyday should be celebrated! Especially a day that iterates how much someone is loved. Start a family tradition in which a Valentines Gift is provided to the special men in your life. In doing so, this same tradition can be carried on into future generations. Remember the love of family conquers all!!

 Father Son Valentines Day Tie

If the above didn’t tickle your fancy, we have more selections in our shop to choose from.

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