What Your Face Mask Color Says about Your Personality (Just for Fun!)

Who could have predicted that in 2020, the face mask would become an everyday fashion staple? Just like your keys, wallet, and cellphone, you couldn’t imagine leaving home without a mask just in case you venture into a store or other public space.

 And just like the fashions you wear every day, there’s a mask in every color. What does yours say about you? We referred to Betterhelp to provide a quick, fun breakdown into mask colors and how they reflect our personality traits.

Face Mask Color: Blue

One of the most popular colors for face masks, blue represents peace and calmness, both of which are welcome in times of uncertainty. If you choose a blue face mask, you’re probably a person that knows how to keep their cool in dire situations and don’t get riled up too easily.

Face Mask Color: Red

Red could be considered the opposite of blue. It’s energetic and heart-racing, known for speed, adventure, vigor, and sometimes ire. If you wear a red face mask, you likely want people to notice it. You might consider yourself a statement-maker, or among those that don’t want to wear a mask but do it anyway.

Face Mask Color: Green

Green represents a down to earth personality that’s easy going and fully connected with themselves and the planet. You’re the type of person that does what’s right for the greater good. You enjoy spending time outdoors with nature, and you’re probably quite successful since green also represents money, wealth, and fertility. Wearing a green face mask represents all of the above, no matter the shade.

Face Mask Color: Black

Black can take many forms when it comes to personality. Often seen as mysterious just as much as it is depressing or mournful, black is a common face mask color for protesters or the “silent majority.” For many, it also provides a blank canvas to dress up with your own logos, phrases, images, or decorations that make it uniquely yours.

Face Mask Color: White

The opposite of black, a white face mask is often associated with logic, cleanliness, purity, or simplicity. If you chose a white mask, you’re probably a practical person because your mask will match any outfit. It’s easy-going, clean-looking, and can make you feel organized and accomplished.

Face Mask Color: Yellow

Arguably the happiest color of the rainbow, yellow is like wearing sunshine on your face. It’s friendly and upbeat and gives off positive energy. If people could see your face behind your yellow mask, you’re probably smiling. And since yellow isn’t the most popular face mask color, it’s a great choice to promote your individuality.

Face Mask Color: Orange

A warm, friendly hue, orange face masks are fun, surprising, and enthusiastic. If you can’t get enough orange, you likely have a vibrant personality that everyone is attracted to. And since red and yellow make orange, you may find you also share characteristics of both colors.

Face Mask Color: Purple

Often considered the color of royalty, purple can be a fun color to amp up your face mask wardrobe. It’s also associated with spirituality and opulence, both sentiments that date back hundreds of years. This is because in older times, only the wealthy could afford purple dyes. It’s a lot more common today, but that hasn’t detracted from its beauty, mystery, or sophistication. Purple is still seen as a testament to wealth, uniqueness, and high quality.

Face Mask Color: Pink

Are you a romantic at heart? If so, a pink face mask might be for you. No longer a color just for girls, pink face masks are bringing fun and whimsy to the whole concept of masking up in public. Pink is also a color associated with love and romance, so you could wear a pink mask that shows your love and dedication for protecting those around you.

Face Mask Color: Patterned

Why settle for one color when you can go for more? Patterned face masks are at the height of fashion right now, offering color combinations and styles to fit any personality. From cultural statements to sports teams to classic patterns like stripes or polka dots, you can find a face mask that matches your mood.

Find a Face Mask Color that Fits Your Personality!

Face masks aren’t going away any time soon, so you might as well have fun with them. Check out our collection of fashion face masks today and reflect your personality!

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