10 reasons why #girldads are the best!

"A little girl giggles when she is denied an ice cream by her mother. She knows daddy will get her some later." (Unknown) #Girldads is not only a “trending hashtag,” it is much more.

It is a proud moment for a father when his little one says, “Dad, you are my superhero.” I bet you had tears when you first heard this prolific phrase. “If fatherhood had an Academy Award nomination, being a #girldad would be the prize.”

Kobe Bryant, may you rest in peace, the world is indebted to you for raising the profound awareness about loving your daughter(s) the right way. We now live in an era where carrying your daughter on your shoulders is not awkward anymore.

Imagine a young female looking at the world, exploring, discovering, loving every moment of it, when sitting on her dad’s shoulder. ‘Staring at the world through my dad’s' view’ (Tupac) is the perfect rephrase I would have used to describe such a feeling; that is the satisfaction #girldads feel.

Photo by Edi Libedinsky via UpSplash #girldad Photo by Edi Libedinsky/Unsplash

“Girls are the best. I would have five more girls if I could. I'm a girl dad”. (Kobe Bryant, RIP)

#girldad is a “trophy” given to a man who loves his daughter more than anything, and raises her damn good.  "Fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man." (Frank Pittman)

Bringing home a “surprise egg” (or any other special treat) for your daughter is one of the JD (job descriptions) of being a #girldad. Making and reading her “princess stories” while putting her to bed is the definite key performance indicator.

No matter how high your rank in your organization’s hierarchy, which level of professional attributes you possess, if your daughter wants a dinosaur to be a “princess dinosaur”, you have to play along.

Reasons why #girldads are the best is not only because of the fathers but for the reason that the daughters give unconditional love to their dads. A father would only need to respond, to become a “girl dad.”

1- #girldads are role models for their girls 

Fathers are always the “first love” of their daughters. 

Even if you think low of yourself, your daughter sees you as her role-model - believe it or not. The lessons of love and affection lay a foundation for a sense of security in a girl, which stays with her all her life.

2- Father’s part is crucial in a girl’s life

If you are a girl dad; well, congratulations, you did not only win her heart but also provided her fond memories to cherish, which lay out her life’s success in front of her. She is a confident young woman who knows her father trusts her instincts. 

Photo by Gift Habeshaw via UnSplash_GirlDadPhoto by Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash 

3- #girldads are breaking the negative stereotype

Unfortunately, our societies still don’t discuss underlying stereotypes such as “a girl cannot carry your legacy.” To be fair, most nations in the world prefer to pray for a boy off-spring, which is the typical stereotype no one talks about. Girl dads are breaking these demeaning stereotypes - for good.

“Whoever has three daughters and he accommodates them, shows mercy toward them, and supports them, Paradise is definitely guaranteed for him.”


4- Empowering daughters

#girldads “empowering daughters” since January 26th 2020.

Kobe Bryant, the all-star basketballer and a proud dad, showed the world why empowering your daughters is crucial.

Teaching your daughter how to ride a bicycle, how to golf, how to be happy, delegates life-long independence.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images #girldad Kobe BryantPhoto by Elsa/Getty Images

5- Father Daughter Relationship

It is a beautiful feeling, confining into a stable relationship with your daughter. And trust me, it is nothing against “boy dads”.

Every kid is unique and preserves a solitary space in the hearts of his/her parents.

6- #girldads are not “afraid”

Ever wondered how much it means to a growing-up girl when she knows that her father’s got her back?

The reason why #girldads are the best is that they are not shy to show their profound love for their daughters.

A girl's father will not be afraid to take his daughter to a football stadium. He will not be uneasy when he sends a voice message to her daughter from the office that he is bringing chocolates for daddy’s princess.

7- #girldads are thorough gentlemen

Even if you are the “least gentleman on the planet,” it doesn't matter to your daughter. You are her all-star.

A girl dad, by definition, is a thorough gentleman who treats his daughter the way she deserves.

It reflects everywhere, in their social networks, maintaining work-life balance, and even being loyal to the organization where they work.

Photo by Juliane Lieberman/Unsplash

8- #girldads are real

Getting “cute” with a kid is one thing; being there, investing your time, not minding the “extra hours after work,” going to your girl’s play, picking her up from school, getting “groomed by nail polish,” and being happy as a father to a girl shows how real girl dads are.

9- #girldads do not only kill spiders

On a lighter note; sometimes a little girl shouts, “Dad, there is a spider on the floor,” and the-man-of-the-house will jump up from the sofa to find something to kill the spider.

Although it is an excellent masculine-move, it does not curtail the broad spectrum of “girl fatherhood.”

A #girldad would boost-up the self-esteem of his daughter to kill the spider (the stalkers and harassers a female may face in her life), and that is the reason why #girldads are the best.

10- #girldads are the best advisors 

The relationship between a father and his daughter knows no distance. Even when a female starts working as a business executive, she’d always call her father looking for advice.

Because a girl dad knows her daughter inside-out, he knows how her brain functions, how she values the things closest to her, he (the #girldad) could play as the best counselor for his daughter.

 Photo by Mehrdad Jiryaee on Unsplash #girldadPhoto by Mehrdad Jiryaee on Unsplash

So in honor of National Father/daughter, do something special such as cook dinner together or take her out on a date. Get dressed up in your favorite suit and tie and enjoy a simple candlelit setting at home! There could be three thousand reasons for a dad to love his daughter; although, you, as a father, would be the best #girldad if you don’t need one

“It ain’t broke until dad can’t fix it.” (A famous proverb)

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