5 tips to reduce "Maskne!"

Apart from the ongoing health issue of COVID-19, there is another issue that we need to face. It is the acne caused by wearing face masks, also known as maskne. This is a skin issue that we encounter and dread to see because of wearing face masks for too long. Since wearing face masks is becoming part of the new normal, we have to find ways to get rid of acne quickly and effectively. We reached out to Educated Esthies (a team of Esthetician Educators) for tips to reduce maskne. Here are 5 tips to manage and reduce maskne:

  1. Have a skin care regimen

If you don’t have a skin care routine, we would suggest trying hydrogen peroxide as a skin cleanser to start. Tips Bulletin provides a great tip on the advantages of using Hydrogen Peroxide. This all-natural germicidal agent consists mainly of oxygen and water, which is formulated to kill diseases and germs by way of oxidation. It is also the safest sanitizer around, and this wonderful formula has various uses (apart from treating acne). 

  1. Reduce or avoid wearing makeup or heavy foundation

Humidity couples with a mask, may clog your pores and there is no way for your pores to breathe. If you plan to apply any product under the mask area, then you should avoid comedogenic products or your skin may become congested with blackheads. We suggest opting for an oil free foundation or going natural (bare skin).

  1. Opt for a breathable fabric such as 100% cotton

Breathability is the layman’s term for moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), which is the measure of how quickly (or slowly, if at all) moisture passes through a fabric or other substance. Breathable fabrics help reduce sweat, but moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials go further by taking advantage of the body's natural cooling mechanism to evaporate moisture away from the skin, further reducing bacteria. Have you ever worked out in athletic wear that was not breathable? Then you know breathable fabric is a must!

  1. Wash your reusable masks

Just because you ordered and received a new mask in the mail does not mean that you should immediately wear it without washing it first! It is imperative to wash your reusable masks before and after you wear them. Dirt and oil from skin, plus bacteria from your mouth and nose ends up on your cloth mask. We would suggest having at least 1 mask for every day of the week. This helps to keep a rotation of clean masks on hand!

  1. Use fragrance free soap or detergent to wash your mask

When washing your mask, choose a fragrance-free soap such as free and clear laundry detergent. If you suffer from severe allergies and sensitive skin, fragrance within fabric (from soap) can be an irritant! 

Wearing a mask will reduce your chance of catching the virus, but following these 5 steps will also reduce the “maskne” everyone dreads. A clean mask and the right skin care routine can help lessen mask-related skin damage and breakouts.

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Thank you for talking about this topic. I have been having this problem of late with my skin. Great to hear someone else is coping with it also. I believe in wearing masks.

Milan October 22, 2020

Great read! Never considered hydrogen peroxide, but I am sure it may be better than some of the other products out there.

Krystal September 25, 2020

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