The Face Behind the Iconic Mask

No one fathomed that the world would be impacted by the viral pandemic—COVID-19!

With over 330 million U.S. citizens being required to wear a face covering, there is one face-covering print that has become iconic! The Pink and Green African Wax Headwrap Set by SONSON first made its debut on March 30, 2020. Since its debut, this image has been highlighted in major publications such as the Chicago Tribune (6th most circulated publication in the U.S.), and has had over 58,000 impressions with over 7,000 saves on Pinterest!

Rashima Sonson_ Iconic Face Mask

But what makes this mask (face covering) iconic? The piercing, yet soft seductive eyes of the model coupled with the high numbers of social media impressions make this set iconic! In the midst of all the chaos and questions about COVID-19, this mask surfaces on your timeline on social media and you have to “click” to learn more, share it, or purchase. And we are not just saying this because it came from SONSON, but this is how customers have described their experience.

The feedback of the mask being “iconic” came as a shock to the model—Rashima Sonson! Yep, you guessed it--- Rashima is the Founder & Creative Director for SONSON. Granted, the brand is a bespoke destination but pivoted during the pandemic to offer face coverings for the public. With having natural 4c hair and all salons being closed, the best alternative for Rashima was to create a matching headwrap to compliment her mask. It was not intentional to make and sell matching headwrap & mask sets, but one post on her social media account changed it all.

Rashima Sonson

With the need and desire for these coveted products, the brand offers limited edition sets once per month. The headwrap design options change every month and sell out within the first few days after being released. If you’re able to get your hands on one of these sets, then consider yourself lucky! But if missed out on recent release, make sure to sign up for the company newsletter. Subscribers are the first ones to know about new releases!

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When I decided to choose a mask that would be environmentally friendly to our planet during Covid-19 beginning in March 2020. I knew I wanted a Black owned business .
Having found the best in Sonson from Oakland California referred by HFR . I hit the jackpot .
Ms Rashima Sonson is a fierce and highly dedicated business woman .
She has been producing the most stylish and fashionable mask for women , men and children . With fabric patterns deemed for Kings and Queens . Very affordable and efficient delivery service .
Serving frontline workers as well. .

Marsha Johnson August 25, 2020

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