2018 Bow Tie Gifting Guide – Selecting the Perfect Bow Tie Gift

Everyone loves being cherished and recognized. This desire spurs our need to constantly show others that we care, even during holidays. Which often leads us to gift them at every chance we get. Gift options for men might be considered difficult but you can never go wrong with our bespoke bow ties.

Although some people only gift others when it is unavoidable, others cherish their relationships so much so that they gift frequently… this is love. Gifting your male friend, husband, father, son etc. a bow tie from SONSON®’s range is always worthwhile because we offer the following benefits.

  1. Our bow ties are handcrafted: The level of detailing we put into each bow tie ensures they are flawless.
  2. Our bow ties are of spectacular quality: We use the highest quality materials and processes to design our bow ties.
  3. Our bow ties are bold and audacious: Each SONSON® bow tie gifting is designed to be a show stopper.
  4. Our bow ties are reasonably priced: Our range ensures everyone finds a bow tie gift for their budget.
  5. Each tie is exclusive: Only 60 units of each bow tie designs are produced to ensure exclusivity.

Generally speaking, SONSON® bespoke bow tie gifts can be categories based on the following factors; price, style and individual. To save readers the stress of having to study a complex product matrix, we have described below our top bow tie giftings for 2018 holiday season.

Swarovski Nile Bow Tie: Top of our list is this dashingly elegant bow tie. Made from the finest sustainably sourced silk, this gem is an embodiment of class and luxury at its finest. Also, each bow tie is delicately embellished with over 400 precious stones. This gives the hand-crafted bow tie a voice of its own.

With an adjustable strap, this silk beauty is a perfect gift for the most cherished people in your life. Its reasonable $500 price point and attention to detail make it a perfect gift to fathers, wives, fiancés or daughters.

Burgundy Foil Printed Floral Bow Tie: This is our second pick for the season given its classic and aesthetic appeal. The hues of burgundy and the floral print pattern used creates an unmatchable calm ambiance. Also, its affordable price ($38) makes it readily accessible for all gifting; father, brother, fiancé or colleague.

Vroom Cars Father and Son Bow Tie Set: Cars are arguably one of the shared passions between most father and sons. So, what better way to solidify this amazing relationship than with a matching car father-son bow tie set.

The $45 price tag this 100% cotton tie sports makes it a perfect bow tie gift to husbands and sons. The beauty of this somewhat nerdy tie comes in its versatility, as it can fashionably be worn to both birthday parties and wedding ceremonies.

Kids Khaki Confetti Bow Tie: The beauty of Fall often leaves many amazed and this is what this dapper bespoke tie exemplifies... natural beauty. This khaki brown confetti tie is made from 100% cotton an adorned with confetti in all the colors on Fall.

With a $35 price tag, this awesome fashion piece is a unisex bow tie gift that can be worn to all forms of festivities, including wedding ceremonies.

Moroccan Abstract Bow Tie: This bow tie makes it to our top gifting pick for Fall 2018 because it embodies the spirit of Fall in all its radiance. This artistic beauty makes use of graffiti art to create a luxuriously designed bow tie print that is perfectly suited to turn heads.

This sleek bow tie that has its roots in the rich Moroccan culture is the ideal bow tie gift option for the confident man. Made from 100% cotton material and costing $38, it is ideal as a gift to your son, colleague, fiancé and even dads. We all need a little confidence jolt.

With a bow tie range that includes different materials; including leather, cotton, silk, feathers, cowries etc., SONSON® gives you endless gifting options for each holiday season.

Also, our family-centered approach to business ensures we offer incomparable product and service to our ever-increasing customer base who seek the sophistication we offer.

So, visit our product catalogue for more information on our bespoke bow ties.

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