Trendy Bow Ties to Rock at Holiday Events

As quickly as the seasons change, so does our desire to stand out at all occasions. Everyone craves attention and a desire to be seen as the best versions of themselves, inspires us to invest in our looks and mannerisms. Dapper bow ties such as the one we offer help our customers stand out every time.

At SONSON®, we pride ourselves in doing business with a vision to build a thriving community of fathers and sons that are positive influences to the society. So, whether our customers are attending a wedding or just choosing their new Sunday best, our trendy bespoke range of bow ties are close-to-heart.

Our primary advice to our customers who are selecting bow ties to wear for events is “Always consider the season and the type of gathering”. For example, bow ties to be worn for casual events in fall/ winter must showcase the colors of fall and winter, which include yellow, brown, blue and orange.

Top 5 holiday events and the best SONSON® bow tie picks

To help our readers easily identify what ties to buy and rock this season, we have listed below our top five bespoke bow tie picks for the season.

  1. Thanksgiving: This is arguably one of the most emotional holiday events in the states, as most families and friends gather together to commemorate their shared lives and relationships. What better way to celebrate it when decked in this inspirational charcoal and Gold Floral Dynasty Bow Tie? This bow tie represents the season in its entirety with its wide range of colors and the liveliness it exudes. Moreover, its leafy details of green and gold, and its pink and white accent makes this tie for family gatherings such as Thanksgiving. Costing only $40, it is a worthwhile fashion investment for the holiday seasons to come.
  2. Black Tie Event: Due to the corporate nature of these events, there is no room for flamboyant fall colors. However, at SONSON®, we have designed the exquisite Black Leather/ Suede Bow Tie to be elegantly to such gatherings. This bow tie audaciously contrasts the cool appeal of the suede fabric and the sheen leather offers. Moreover, to make the tie appropriate for all forms of black tie events including galas and dinners, it is embellished with glazed onyx. This sturdy and classy bespoke bow tie exceeds most imaginations as it also comes at an affordable $110.
  3. Kwanzaa: For a black community, "family is everything" and this is what Kwanzaa embodies. It is a festival that brings together the black communities and helps us reinforce our shared belief in our heritage and our hopes. This is what this Purple Rain African Waxed Print Bow Tie typifies.This bow tie speaks a lot to the royalty we belong to and our desire for better living conditions for all our communities far and wide. It is our solidarity herald and should be celebrated with this dapper African Print bow tie at only $38.
  4. Christmas: Globally, this is the largest and most recognized celebration. Not only because it celebrates the birth of Jesus but because it is the largest celebration of love and appreciation for one another. We have designed the perfect Christmas bow tie and it is called the Beaded Shantung Pewter Bow Tie. This dashing bespoke bow tie is made from a luxurious Spanish silk and embellished with glittering beads that are a beauty to behold. Your Christmas event is sure to be memorable given this piece's intricate design and easy-to-pull-off nature.
  5. Indigenous Peoples Day (Kids): Take your kids back to their roots this holiday in this dapper Kids Modern Kente bow tie. With the most flamboyant and inspirational modern Kente fabric, we have been able to embody the African spirit in one fashion piece. Whether you are reconnecting with family or hanging around with the kids, make the holiday season memorable for them with this exceptional piece. This beautiful bow tie costs only $12.50 and is ideal for making this day memorable.

Our endless list of fashionable pre-tied bow ties shows our drive to use bow ties as a way to keep our society healthy, safe and successful for years to come.

At SONSON®, we understand the value of interpersonal relationships and seek to improve that through our timeless fashion pieces. For more information, visit our product catalogue.

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