What are Luxury Bow Ties?

If you have not noticed, there is a new category of bow ties - Luxury Bow Ties! You may have seen them on lnstagram, celebrities, and even in our catalogue. But before we dive into details on this category, one must understand the meaning of luxury.

According to uncle Webster, (well, this is what our household called Merriam -Webster's Collegiate Dictionary when I was a child) luxury is "something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary" or an indulgence in something that provides pleasure.

The term luxury or luxury item was known during Ancient Egypt in which the Egyptian invented many new techniques—even the discovery of glass to protect perfume. Such exclusive products such as perfume during that time only graced the skin of Pharaohs, High Priest and those amongst such class. Such items often identified or separate various classes (i.e. class system) based on possession-the haves and have not's.

When one thinks of a luxury item, they generally associate it with a high profile brand-Chanel, Gucci, Birkin, and Louis Vuitton to name a few. Typically such items are (or were) delicately constructed by hand and are made of exquisite material (i.e. leather, crystals, diamonds, exotic silk, gold, platinum, fur). The cost for luxury items varies greatly-whether it is accessible luxury (i.e. SONSON leather bow ties at $120) to exclusive luxury (i.e. Stefano Ricci’s plated diamond tie at $30,000).

Luxury has evolved from being a statement to a reflection of one's personality. If you can splurge on the Stefano Ricci tie without questioning your purchasing decisions, then you have a big personality and deep pockets! People wear luxury brands that reflect their personality and style, irrespective of the price. And speaking of such, did you see Gucci Mane's diamond-studded bow tie he wore for his wedding?

Gucci Mane Diamond Bow Tie

Gucci Mane’s Diamond Bow Tie

The internet has leveled the playing field putting more power and information in the hands of consumers, who now have a platform that enables them to shop for luxury on their terms. Speaking of putting luxury at your fingertips, have you checked out our luxury selections?

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