4 Simple Steps To Build Your Personal Brand

From everyday people to celebrities, there are a few individuals that you know who have and are building their personal brand every day. Whether it's their hairstyle, a favorite color, an accessory that they always wear, to even their profession- building a personal brand takes time, but we created 4 fool proof steps to get you started.

  1. Start with self (know who you are): This first step is paramount! When people think of Jay-Z, some would say that he is a rapper, yet he boldly and confidently said, "I'm not a businessman, I am a BUSINESS MANNNNNN." There is a difference! For most people, knowing who you are may come easy, but for some there are still questions such as, "Who am I, what am I known for, what are my talents, what do I excel in?" If you have not figured this out, then use these 4 questions to help you discover the core of your brand.
  2. The Look (Fashion Style): The second step should never be skipped or overlooked! Your appearance/dress says a lot about you! As we all know, perceptions are everything and to most-it is reality! Selecting the right attire or look can build your confidence and create the image that you want to portray. To create your look, you have to begin with the main principle we highlighted in step one "Start with self!' For example, two people that come to mind with signature looks are Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Jidenna (The Classic Man).
    1. If you are into Sci-Fi or the world of Science, then you should know Bill Nye, he specializes and teaches all things related to Science. In addition to Science, his signature look is centered around his vast collection of bow ties! Bill Nye the Science Guy is always wearing a bow tie.
    2. Jidenna –ahh yes, The Classic Man! Jidenna is a famous American-Nigerian Rapper who is well known for his hit song "Classic Man' and who is the epitome if a classic man. You may be wondering, what is a classic man? A classic man is generally known for his a) mannerisms, b) dapper attire, and c) overall presence—and Jidenna truly exemplifies this from head to toe.
  3. Visibility (Exposure on Social Media): Remember in the second step we spoke about perceptions? Well this third step can make or break you!!! Studies have indicated that the way you show up may have a positive or negative impact on how people see you. The way you present yourself on social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) matters. What you make visible to people should be a positive (not negative) reflection of who you are, what you want to be known for, and what you excel in! You are your brand; the carbon footprint you leave behind will define your legacy.
  4. Confidence: Last but not least, this point is the most important of all! If you have not noticed, Steps #1 and #2 were all about having confidence in self as well as your appearance. Confidence can't be bought, it has to come from within and once you have it, it will take you far.

Now that you have the basic steps for building your personal brand, we hope you will utilize some of these golden nuggets and share with your network. As the old saying goes, "Your Network is your Net Worth!" and they are an extension of your brand!

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