A little GREEN never hurt anybody!

This is not your typical write up about how eating your green veggies will support your overall health, but in fact we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Wearing green may not hurt but those awful pinches that one receives for not wearing green does! Ouch! The big question is why do people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and why pinch someone who is not wearing green?

The importance of the color green was one directly related to Irish nationality and desires for independence. According to Timothy McMahon, vice president of the American Conference for Irish Studies told TIME, at least in the United States wearing green became a symbol of pride for Irish people to celebrate their homeland during St. Patrick’s Day in the 19th century. Wearing a color to symbolize pride and nationalism is noble, but why the pinching as a “penalty?” Apparently, pinching people on St. Patrick’s Day was  reprimand for not showing Irish pride. "If you're not wearing green, you get pinched as a way to say shame on you," explained Luke Ahearn, owner of the Irish Cultural Museum in New Orleans.

Regardless if you are Irish or not, we have curated several ties that you can wear throughout the year and will have you in compliance with this festive day. Oh, and pinch proof!

The world is full of golden nuggets, you just have to know where to find them. Good news, you just found what you were looking for in this bow tie!!!! You can thank us later. 
The olive branch is a symbol of peace or victory! This tie illuminates the courageous confidence of a changed man.
Bringing forth a refreshing take, this tie speaks to your need for spring weather! This tie Illustrates gold decorative pattern against an earthy green color. If you are ready for Spring, then this tie is perfect for you! 
Spritz up your attire with this refreshing African waxed bow tie! 
If you are a Taurus and love green, then this is your perfect tie. Be bold, be commanding, be you! Set the impression you want to leave!
This decorative bandana paisley pattern creates a casual carefree look with your sports jacket. Don't let this sporty tie pass you up!!!
Perfect tie for a Wedding! Show your style with our classic silk bow tie. Our bow ties are perfect to put on a high elegance style during special occasions, photography sessions and especially dapper on groomsmen and of course, the groom! 
Whether you are looking for a tie to wear to Wakanda or just celebrating St. Patrick's Day, this green tie adorned with gold foil is the only accessory you need to style your attire.  


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