Is tying a bow tie similar to tying a shoelace?

Recently, I have been in several conversations regarding tying a bow tie. It amazed me to discover that my seven brothers (yes, I have 7 brothers) did not know and were unwilling to try this art form and skill-- tying a bow tie. Ironically, they were not alone. 

One friend indicated, "if you can tie a shoelace, then you should be able to tie a bow tie!" This was an interesting theory, so I decided to do some research. As a matter of fact, according to, tying a tie is similar to tying a shoelace! 

The Bow Tie is based on a Square (Reef) Knot and is the same as the bow commonly used on a Shoelace. It feels different and awkward to tie because of the nature of the material and the need to achieve a neat, symmetrical result. I quickly passed this tip to my siblings and this was an eye opener! After several attempts (well 3 tries), they finally got it right!

Here is a video we found during our research.


Now, you are versed in tying a bow tie! Was this helpful?

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