What Every Man Should Know About Bow Ties

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Bow ties add a great antiqued charm to your formal and semi-formal wear. In order to add a touch of class to this charm, you need to seek the right approach to wearing bow ties. Wearing bow ties is not just about knowing how to tie them to perfection. There are certain essentials that every man should know about bow ties to make any oxford shirt with a blazer stand out. This becomes more significant with the resurgence of bow ties during the last ten years. In this article, we brief you on some things that you just cannot miss as a man who wears bow ties.

Bow Tie Fabric:


Novelty bow ties are mostly made of cotton fabric. These kinds of ties go well with all kinds of suits and add a touch of elegance to your attire. If you are looking for a simple-looking bow tie with printing on it, cotton bow ties are the best choice for you.


Silk bow ties are the traditional formal wear ties that you will find in the market. If you are looking for something to make you stand out and not just complement your suit, silk bow ties are a go for you. It is recommended to always look for Italian or Chinese silk ties (see label), as the best kind of silk for the bow ties comes from these origins.


Velvet bow ties are for occasions that are strictly formal. If you have to attend formal events quite often, make sure you have a good collection of plain velvet bow ties.

Bow Tie Designing:

As far as the designs are concerned, bow ties fall into three major categories. Choosing the design that best fits your occasion is the key to making your tie perfectly complementing your suit.

Plain Bow Ties:

As the name is self-explanatory, these bow ties do not have any design printed on them. One color follows through the entire fabric which makes this a classic piece in your wardrobe.

Novelty Bow Ties:

These are theme based bow ties. Anything printed on these ties revolves around an idea, for instance, a flag printed to show patriotism. These ties are perfect for presenting as a symbolic gift.

Fashion Ties:

These are the bow ties that are trendy in the world of fashion. Polka dotted ties, striped ties, ties with floral patterns, leather, feather and glittery ties all fall into this category of bow ties. This kind is perfect for you if you want to stand out at an event.

Bow Tie Width:

Narrow bow ties have become trendy lately and this puts us in a position to understand when to wear narrow bow ties and when to wear the classical wide bow ties. The best rule to choose how wide to go is to go with the width of your shirt collar. The key is to find the right proportion. Slim bow tie goes perfectly well with the standard shaped collar, whereas the wide bow ties should be worn with collars that are more winged.

The Bottom Line:

By being mindful of the above-mentioned essentials, you can easily make sure that your bow tie perfectly complements your attire. The three factors we have discussed in this article govern the impact of a bow tie on your suit more than anything else. Therefore, it is advised to keep these things strictly in mind in order to choose the best bow tie for your suit and personality.

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