Fatherhood: 10 Ideas for a Fun Day with Dad

Dads are special and deserve to be celebrated. With Father's Day approaching, you'll need to come up with creative plans that will tell your dad you're thinking of him. Of course, depending on his personality, he may be content with a card and a gift. Still, he'll also probably love spending the day with his family too. So, if you haven't made any plans, here are 10 ideas for a fun day with dad.

1. Fishing or BoatingBoating with Dad

Consider taking your father out on a fishing or boating trip if he enjoys the water. If you don't have access to a local fishing spot, you may always take a road trip and rent a cabin for the night.

Even if you're not much into fishing and don't own a fishing pole, they are inexpensive, and you could grab one to hang out with dad!

2.Make Something Together

If your dad is into building things and putting stuff together, a gift of making something like Legos or a miniature car could be a terrific idea! Younger children may enjoy working together to construct a birdhouse that may be hung as a keepsake in the backyard. There are many craft ideas and kits available online, so there are plenty of possibilities for dads of all types!

3. An Arcade Day

A trip to the arcade is enjoyable for everyone! So, on Father's Day, if your father is still a kid at heart, treat him to a day of family-friendly arcade games somewhere like Dave and Buster's. He's sure to have a good time with the family.

4. An Adventure Park

An adventure park that offers a variety of activities will present an opportunity to get active with dad! Fun activities like laser tag or a zipline excursion are fantastic ideas for all ages. They will be a surprise activity sure to put a grin on dad's face. This memorable event will be sure to make the "remember when" category in future years. A day at a water park and swimming in the wave pool is another fun adventure that your dad will enjoy!

5. Have a Backyard Picnic

Fill a basket and igloo with Dad's favorite main meals, sides, drinks, and snacks (to appease his sweet tooth!) and head out to the nearest piece of grass for an outdoor picnic or a backyard barbeque.

6. Go for a Bike Ride Biking with Dad

One of the best things about Father's Day is that it occurs at the start of summer when the weather is ideal. So, get some fresh air while working up an appetite for a special Father's Day lunch by going on a bike ride.

7. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

Most would say our dads can really handle himself in the kitchen. He's chef extraordinaire (to us at least). If he's a foodie, he'll love a virtual cooking class. Online platforms like Airbnb offers Online Experiences that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. The whole family can learn to make Jamaican jerk chicken with a professional chef or pasta with an Italian restauranteur.

8. Paint or Create a Mural in the Backyard

If your dad is into the arts, then this will be a fun activity to get involved in. The Mural could be sentimental and draw meaning from family or abstract with bright colors. Whatever the case, get busy with some paint and ideas from a website like Pinterest.

 9. Go for a Drive

Whether it's a go-kart or a sports car, take dad for a ride. This could be when you fulfill his dream of driving a Ferrari or beating you on the go-kart track. You could rent a sportscar and go for a road trip with the "road master," if that's what you call him!

10. Have a Game Day Family Game Night

On Father's Day, get out some of your family's favorite games for a fun game party. Play games like Candyland or Monopoly, or brainy games like Scrabble and Chess. You can even play a few hands of Poker if he's up for the risk. Outdoor games like Cornhole in the backyard are also a great idea.

Whichever idea you choose to have a fun day with dad, make it memorable!

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