It's a Woman's World: “Bad. Bougie. Boss.”

Sonson is pleased to reveal a special bow tie scarf collection for women’s history month—Bad. Bougie. Boss.” The trine collection, which sells at $20 and can be worn 3 ways, celebrates the many roles that women play and the progress made throughout ones career.

Bow tie scarf

Sonson is an online e-commerce store that offers a range of luxury bow ties. Sonson distills the purest sensibilities of fashion and manifests them in stunning presentations that redefine the traditional bow tie.

According to Ms. Rashima Sonson, owner of Sonson, “As a woman and entrepreneur, it is imperative to embrace diversity, inclusion and equity.  When faced with many forms of inequality, women have to decide what role to wear. Will it be Bad, Bougie, or Boss? Or will it be all three?  Regardless of which is selected, every woman has 1/3 of each, further creating trailblazers/activists to pave the way for equal rights and pay.

In observance of National Women's History Month and International Women's Day (March 8th), Sonson hopes this new 20 print collection will empower women to unleash (unlock) their full potential to be leaders and that they can succeed in every field, regardless of sex, gender or cultural background.

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Rashima Sonson